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Monthly Review for June 2010

Despite not publishing so many images this last month, the stats have been going crazy!  June was a fantastic month for sales, with a total of 5 prints sold of the following two artworks (click either thumbnail for a larger view):



Coincidentally, the second image above (“Morning Fog Near Lake Eildon”) was also featured in RedBubble’s Featured Art gallery during the month, which was a greatly appreciated although unexpected honour!  A number of other artworks were also featured in RedBubble groups (click any thumbnail for a larger view):




work.5300501.1.fp,375x360,black,bright_white,box20,s,ffffff[2]work.5365372.1.fp,375x360,black,black,box20,s,ffffff[1]work.5300482.1.fp,375x360,black,black,box20,s,ffffff[1]In last month’s review, I set a goal to increase the stats by a factor of 100% in June. I achieved this goal in the all-important ‘sales’ figure, increasing by a factor of 125% from 4 sales as at the end of May, to 9 sales as at the end of June! Other stats fell a little short of the goal. 21,345 views as at the end of June represented an increase of 58%; 1,498 comments as at the end of June represented an increase of 48%; 562 favouritings as at the end of June represented an increase of 54%.

As for social networking, my Twitter follower numbers increased by a factor of 72% from 2,314 at the end of May to 3,976 at the end of June.  The stats for my Facebook fan page were less impressive, with an increase of only 13% from 76 fans to 86 fans through June.

The reason for falling short of the 100% goal in most areas other than sales is likely due to the fact that I did not publish much artwork throughout June, nor did I put much effort into social networking, blogging, and so on.  Instead, I have been focusing on writing and illustrating a book of landscape photography concepts, ideas, tips and tricks, which has been keeping me away from all those other activities.

Getting the book ready for publication continues to be my primary objective going into July.  That said, I do hope to get back to publishing some new artwork in July, as I am still out there shooting as much as possible to illustrate the book, and will be working through the images that I have gathered to work out which will be in the book and which I can publish to RedBubble myself shortly.  I also intend to balance out the development of the book a little bit better, so that I don’t entirely abandon the RedBubble community and all my followers on Twitter and Facebook again this month.

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