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Friday Featured Photographer #4: Jonathan-Stacey

It’s Friday in my corner of the world once again! This week we are looking at the photography of Jonathan-Stacey, one of RedBubble’s most talented coastal landscape photographers, and host of RedBubble’s incredibly popular SEA group!


Despite the continuing evolution of his compositional and processing techniques, Jonathan primarily attributes the success of his artwork to his amazement of the world around us… not the man made world, but rather than natural world. The sky and water have been the key features in his most popular artwork – no matter how hard he tries to shoot something else, these two elements keep making their way into his photography (a feeling that I can totally sympathise with).


Jonathan identifies Christian Fletcher (based in the south west of Western Australia) as his most notable influence, thanks to his captivating, pastel dawns and vibrant sunsets – both of which are clearly evident in Jonathan’s own artwork! Other influencers, such as Peter Lik, have helped Jonathan to see that an in-depth appreciation and knowledge of light is the key to great photography.


Having purchased his first DSLR camera early in 2009 (a Nikon D90), Jonathan joined the RedBubble community in December 2009. He believes that studying the artwork of others whom he admires on RedBubble has seen his own artwork move forward in leaps and bounds. He also had the following to say about the RedBubble community:

It’s a strong community … you can gauge whether you are improving or whether something works from the views … not necessarily the comments, this I think is dependent on who and how many you comment on.

Jonathan is originally from South Dorset in the UK (aka The Jurassic Coast), but moved to Australia with his family in 1999. Despite loving the amazing colours of the Australian landscape, he can’t wait to get back to his original homeland to apply his amazing photography skills to the landscapes there.


I personally enjoy Jonathan’s artwork due to the similarities between his subject matter and compositional style, and my own. He exhibits a degree of technical perfection that I aspire towards, and serves as a fantastic source of inspiration for me whenever I go through a phase of bringing home uninspired photography.


It’s been hard to pick out just five of my favourite images from Jonathan’s folio, so rather than clicking on the individual photos above, why not just click straight through to his entire folio and check out the rest of his amazing artwork there…

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  1. joni rae
    July 24, 2010 at 4:52 AM

    Thank you Jason for this comprehensive look into one of my favorite artists, Jonathan Stacey. I call him an artist instead of a photographer because each piece of his work carries the weight of a finely tuned precision master who is in total control of the concept he portrays. He has a keen sense of lighting which dominates the mood of an atmosphere he can’t control. Jonathan uses the flow of the ocean to invoke a mood of strength to gentle lapping of tides. The sky, beach and rock elements are mere tools to create a palatte of texture, color and framing for his main focus- the ocean. There is generally a feeling of calmness even when he shoots a rabid red sunset. I personally think that is the essence of the man coming through his work. Jonathan Stacey is an asset to redbubble and an inspiration to many. I hope he steps into mainstream photography and has the opportunity to share his passion with the world! joni rae

  2. July 31, 2010 at 1:05 PM

    Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to feature me in your Friday Photographer’s Blog Jason..wonderfully written and most definitely a great honour….Jonathan.

  3. August 5, 2010 at 5:44 PM

    Thank you so much Jason for such a great review, I’m honoured. The feadback I’ve had has been very positive, it’s a great idea to showcase various photographers and I certainly appreciate the extra exposure..Thank you once again.

    Kind Regards

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